Qualities employers look for in employees!

Qualities employers look for in employees!

Apart from your impressive resume and specialities, another qualification plays a huge role and it’s specific qualities. When it comes to job interviews there are specific qualities that employers look for in potential employees. They look for these during the 1st or 2nd interview, mostly when they start to ask situational questions.

To get better odds of landing a job, you have to know the qualities they’re looking for. These can range from communication skills, critical thinking, time management and even emotional intelligence. So if you’re ready to get your dream job, Business Solutions has listed down every trait companies look for in employees down below!

  1. Communication skills

One of the first things companies scout for are employees with good communication skills since most problems occur because of the absence of it. Strong communication skills suggest excellent writing and speaking abilities, both in-person and online via video conferencing and email. In an interview, you could show off your communication skills by exercising active listening, asking questions, remembering the interviewer’s name, and so on. 

  1. Critical thinking skills

You might wonder why some interviews contain hypothetical questions that don’t have any connection to the job description. These are asked to test an interviewees critical thinking skills: how they’d handle and solve problems. 

Reasons as to why they use hypothetical situations are to stretch and exercise your mind to see how you’d deal with a situation you’d never dealt with yet since these are likely to happen in the workplace. So before an interview, practice with everyday problems and figure out how to solve them.

  1. Time management

Every company you try to get into in every industry finds good time management an important trait in employees, since meeting deadlines and staying efficient are what makes a good company run. 

As a result, time management is an important trait for staff who are handling many projects all at the same time. Employers want to know that their staff can carry out their tasks well so that supervisors don’t have to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re on track.

  1. Teamworks

Since you’re likely to work with other employees the essence of teamwork is something most companies need to run efficiently. So during interviews, you’ll be asked questions somewhere between the lines of ‘How do you work or function in groups?’ These are questions asked to know if you can work both independently and in a group. 

The value of cooperation and teamwork can’t be stressed enough and it is a trait you should highlight to companies throughout your interview. Make specific links to times when you worked successfully in a group, whether in school or at your previous job and describe the great outcomes that came as a product of your group’s efforts.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is simply the ability to acknowledge both your emotions and your co-worker’s. This is something needed in the workplace since it’s what pulls together a team. So to successfully have teamwork, you need a good foundation of emotional intelligence to support that. One of the biggest signs to tell if someone is emotionally intelligent is when they express empathy for people around them.

  1. Initiative

The initiative is one of the most striking features an employee can have and is one of the top qualities employers look for. This makes you come off as reliable, trustworthy and can handle situations alone. Employees that take initiative will not wait for their employer to provide projects to them. They’re self-driven and determined to do everything they can to enhance their firm from where they are now.

  1. Honesty

Employers like and consider honesty as a crucial trait they look for in employees. Some potential employees are tempted to oversell their qualifications to land a position but this may not be such a great idea. Even if it might help you advance in the employment process if your future employer learns you don’t carry qualities you stated on your resume, this will affect their trust towards you. Well beyond the interviewing process, honesty is a must-have character trait. Any company can benefit from an employee who confesses their faults and learns from them.

  1. Loyalty

Loyalty is a trait a lot of companies consider especially if they’re looking for long-term employees. This will be noticed when they ask you questions like, ‘where do you see yourself in 6 months from now?’. This is to check if you still see yourself working for the company past the probation period. They want to know if the employees they’re hiring are committed and loyal to the company.

  1. Flexibility

The ability to be flexible is a good trait among employers. Show to them that you are capable of handling jobs and changes as they emerge. You can also demonstrate your ability by identifying areas for improvement and looking for solutions and developing a system to solve problems. This can also mean you can be flexible through changing schedules and so on.

  1.  Eagerness to learn new things

Employers admire people who actively attempt to improve themselves, making it clear that you value developing new skills. Your enthusiasm for learning reflects your willingness and humility, for wanting to always discover new things. If you’re a keen reader or still plan on pursuing college or a masters degree, say it during the interview.

  1.  Digital literacy

Since everything, even work, relies on technology, most companies look for employees that know a thing or two about it. Digital literacy is in high demand in fields other than technology-based companies and is a valuable trait. Experience with computers, internet research, and applications as well as industry-specific software, is essential. So during interviews state technology-related qualities, you may have, such as knowing how to use Excel, Microsoft word, types of operating systems like MacBook and Windows and even mention that you’re a fast learner and can easily pick up and use new technology.

  1.  Comfortable confidence

During interviews, most employers look for employees who seem comfortable and confident with themselves. This will mean that they usually know what they want, how they want it, and who they are. Making them ideal candidates since people who are comfortably confident with themselves are more reliable, easy to communicate and are great to be around. So during interviews make sure to come off as someone who knows what they want without seeming cocky or rude.

  1.  Adaptability

A job in various industries changes and evolves daily. Employers are looking for employees who can adjust to the times. This might refer to someone that can follow instructions one day and then figure out their path the next. Possibly someone who can work at a desk part of the time and even in the field and be as effective in both locations. So during interviews, you might get questions in regards to adapting to different environments and even groups of people, so be ready for it by saying you’re capable of adjusting and can provide solutions if you aren’t.

  1.  Passion

You may not know this but most companies look for people who are passionate about their jobs. This is because people who love what they do are more driven and motivated to work and provide trait outputs making it a valuable quality to have. Since it shows greatly if a person is producing outputs by force. Lack of passion can harm other employees as well, causing the company to suffer in tons of ways. As a result, employers prefer to choose people that are passionate about their job and tasks. So during interviews, employers will ask you why you decided to go for the position and any other questions between the lines. So if you are passionate about the work you’re getting into, show it.

  1.  Having a positive attitude

A single person’s attitude could have a huge impact on a workplace, which is why companies value optimism. Positive people add to a good work atmosphere and are always essential team members. A good attitude is often linked with perseverance and the capacity to overcome trials. So during an interview, always answer questions with a positive outlook by providing solutions to problems and dealing with them with a pleasant attitude.

  1.  Ambition

Ambition is a trait that employers seek during interviews since this means you’re someone who knows what they’re working towards and are always willing to improve and strive to get to where they want to be. So during interviews, don’t hold back on sharing your aspirations and goals as an employee. This will make you come off as someone hard-working, values their work, reliable and resilient.

  1.  Determination

Persistence is an essential working trait which companies constantly look for in an employee. During interviews, they’ll usually use questions to measure an applicant’s determination. Prepare for a situational conflict that demonstrates how you deal with a hurdle and highlights the perseverance needed to reach your goal.

  1.  Integrity

The risks are huge in the corporate world and foul play takes a huge part. Employee integrity plays a role in determining a company’s long-term success. Integrity in the workplace means employees who are honest with themselves and others such as people who are accountable for their mistakes and recognise their skills and flaws. Also, people don’t criticize their bosses, coworkers or colleagues. Interviews can tell if an employee has integrity using their records and referees.